Statement of the Foundation to Overcome the Vasylkiv Tragedy Consequences

Dear Vasylkiv residents, please, be informed that the official website of BRSM-NAFTA companies group posted the so-called “official position of EURO POWER LLC” on illegal interference in the company operations by the executive service” (

In this statement of BRSM-NAFTA we again learned that the ruling of the judge of Desnyanskiy District Court of Kyiv on provisional injunction, suffered by all of us, is a “raider seizure”, and actions of the Chairman of the Foundation to Overcome the Vasylkiv Tragedy Consequences NGO, the judge of Desnyanskiy District Court of Kyiv and the contractor enforcing the ruling n seizure pursuant to the laws are allegedly the “links a raider scheme.”

Besides, this company of oligarchs says that Oleh Vernyk is “pursuing the business interests” and pickets of BRSM-NAFTA gas stations on October 19, 2018 was allegedly “unauthorized”. Again, the leaders of BRSM-NAFTA insultingly call the affected Vasylkiv as “pseudo affected”, while anyone can read the history of the Foundation members on our website and social media, and see how the largest man-made disaster in the history of modern Ukraine affected Vasylkiv residents and what suffering it inflicted!

The oligarchic leadership of BRSM-NAFTA network again resorted to outright lies about us. We must clearly state the following:

  1. Our struggle for fair compensation to the Vasylkiv residents affected by the accident on June 8, 2015 has nothing to do with “raiding.”
  2. We request paying to Vasylkiv residents a fair compensation for their pecuniary damage caused by the explosion at BRSM tank farm on June 8, 2015. During the past three years, we have not received neither apology nor a compensation guaranteed by the Constitution.
  3. Oleh Vernyk does not pursue the interest of any “business.” He is renowned as an independent trade unionist, who devoted his life to protection of the rights and interests of ordinary people.
  4. Our campaign on October 19, 2018 for a 2-hour blockage of two fueling stations, namely BRSM-NAFTA (Soborna St., Vasylkiv) and Motto (Dekabrystiv St., Vasylkiv) was conducted in full compliance with applicable laws of Ukraine about the conduct of mass campaigns. Our notice on the campaign was submitted to the local authority in advance and filed with the electronic registry. This is confirmed by actions of the city and regional police officers who were present during the campaign.
  5. Let’s note that the preventive campaign to block the fueling stations was conducted not at one but at two gas stations! We won’t let the management of BRSM-NAFTA companies group avoid responsibility by changing the signs at the gas stations.

Dear Vasylkiv residents! Clearly, this is not the last release of blatant lies towards us. However, we realize what we are fighting for and who we are dealing with.

Let us be worthy of our fair goal! Together we will win!

Foundation to Overcome the Vasylkiv Tragedy Consequences

October 26, 2018.